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QIWI is a Russian payments business with various areas of activity, including a bank, an e-wallet, kiosks and a logistics arm. The QIWI Wallet is based on a prepaid account, which can be used to pay more than 13,000 merchants, including various e-commerce, utility and government providers.

Only 20% of Russians and Kazakhs have a credit card. And consumers use cards to pay for only half of all online purchases.

Other e-wallets operating in the region include UnionPay, Skrill and PaySera.

The benefits of supporting e-wallets in Russia and Kazakhstan

  1. If you don’t support alternative payment methods, half of all Russian e-commerce is closed to you.
  2. Russians pay for 29% of online purchases using e-wallets.
  3. Between 2021 and 2025, the e-commerce market will grow from US$55bn to US$116bn.
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Summary: While QIWI does now not provide direct Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investments, users in Russia and Europe can nonetheless buy crypto by moving funds from their QIWI bills to official exchanges that take delivery of deposits from the fee gadget.Buy Qiwi Account

Based on our evaluation, we located that the pinnacle option for buying crypto with QIWI is through the Binance trade. Their platform offers immediate and unfastened QIWI deposits to alternate over 350 crypto belongings with competitive charges throughout one-of-a-kind trading options such as spot, futures, alternatives, and extra.

How to Buy Bitcoin and Crypto with QIWI

As outlined above, the quality manner to buy a digital property with QIWI is through a relied-on platform that accepts QIWI deposits. After reviewing over 30 systems, we observed that Binance provided the quickest and lowest rate of QIWI deposits for buyers in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and hundreds of other countries.

To help you get begun, here is an easy four-step manual to buying crypto with QIWI:

  1. Sign Up: Register for an account on Binance and complete the verification manner.
  2. Deposit Funds: Choose P2P Transfer, the fiat foreign money you want to deposit, and QIWI as your fee method.
  3. Finalize Transfer: Select the seller you want to deposit finances with & finalize the switch.
  4. Buy Crypto: Once the cash arrives in your account, discover the token you want to buy and execute your exchange.

Deposit finances with QIWI.

Buy Qiwi Account

What are the Fees?

The fees related to buying cryptocurrencies via QIWI are determined through the chosen crypto trade or dealer on account that QIWI does not at once facilitate cryptocurrency trading offerings. Our advocated platform, Binance, allows instant and loose QIWI deposits, as well as competitive transaction prices beginning at 0.1%.

However, various exchanges or brokers can also impose distinct price structures for deposits, trades, and withdrawals. It is critical to evaluate the expenses and conditions of each platform previous to carrying out any transactions.

Is QIWI Crypto-Friendly?

Yes, primarily based on our inner evaluations we located that QIWI is crypto-pleasant and allows its customers to deposit price range into large and relied-on exchanges. This manner that traders no longer need to be concerned approximately the ability for their bills to be frozen while depositing RUB, UAH, or other currencies into virtual asset buying and selling platforms.

What is QIWI?

QIWI is a flexible fee provider company, in the main working in Russia and neighboring nations. It permits customers to execute fast and stable transactions, which include paying bills, transferring money, and topping up mobile telephones. QIWI’s consumer-pleasant platform, which includes e-wallets and physical kiosks, has received popularity for its convenience and accessibility, making it a favored choice for plenty of people and organizations in the area.Buy Qiwi Account

Final Thoughts

To summarize, the most secure and easiest manner to spend money on digital assets with QIWI is through a trusted platform like Binance. With this technique, traders in Russia, Ukraine, and other international locations can instantly and freely deposit their local currency to change over 350 crypto assets with aggressive charges.

QIWI is a payment service established in 2007. That same year, the Qiwi Wallet service was launched. Qiwi is the leading provider of new-generation payment and financial services in Russia and on the territory of the Common Wealth of Independent States which has an extensive payment network and allows payments to be made online and offline through mobile channels. Qiwi has 149,000 branches and money transfer centers. Qiwi customers can buy goods and services with both cash and credit cards. Paying bills, Telecommunication Services, bank loans, and plane or train ticket purchases are possible via Qiwi. Qiwi service allows payments to be made through Qiwi terminals, the Internet, or via iOS and Android apps. In 2012, Visa and Qiwi signed a contract to develop a co-branded product called “Qiwi Visa Wallet”. The default unit for this account is Russian Ruble. In addition to Russia, QIWI payment services also operate in seven other countries (Romania, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Jordan, USA) and are offered in 15 other countries based on franchising form.

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