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What is the process of verification?

We usually confirm your identity using a photo ID or proof of address or a photograph of you with your ID


Checkout X features

Checkout X has already a built-in Cart Recovery email feature and you can use it as simple as clicking a couple of buttons. You don’t even need to fill out any of the details to be up and running.

1. Go to your Checkout X Dashboard

2. Go to Configuration > Cart Recovery page

3. If this is the first time you create a Cart Recovery Email, just click on the Add a Recovery Email button

4. Simply click on the Save Email button at the bottom of the page to use the default settings. You don’t need to provide any further information if you don’t want to.

Checkout X Upsells

Upselling is a strategy to increase your Average Order Value (AOV). Checkout X’s post-purchase upsell feature allows you to offer an upsell to customers after they complete their order. This way you increase your AOV without distracting your customer before they purchase. The idea is to persuade shoppers to buy more than they were originally planning by showing the upsell at just the right time.

Verified Checkout-x Account – Full Details

  • Verified Checkout-x Account
  • Will provide all login information
  • Information regarding the backup
  • Customer support
  • Verification documents

How does subscribing with a Credit Card work?

The Credit Card billing method utilizes Automatic Billing.

When you add your card it will be stored securely on the servers of our PSP ( Payment Service Provider ) and it will be used to automatically collect payments on your Checkout X invoices.

Whenever an invoice is issued we will attempt to charge your credit card.

1. If the charge is successful, the invoice will be marked as paid

2. If the charge fails, we will retry to collect the payment for this invoice during the next 14 days, before canceling your subscription. You will also be notified by email if your payment has failed.

Perform A/B tests on upsells

Sometimes it’s hard to guess the upsell that will perform best. You can create an A/B test for as many upsells as you want, as long as they use the same upsell trigger product or category.

Create two upsells with the same trigger to run an A/B test.

Sometimes a category can contain a product that is used as an upsell trigger.

Let’s say that you have an upsell with a T-Shirt Category trigger. Then, you have another upsell with a Printed White T-shirt product trigger that is actually from the same category in your store.

In this example, the upsell with an individual product trigger, the Printed White T-Shirt, will be shown every time to your customers when triggered. The upsell with the T-Shirt Category trigger will be shown to all other products in this category that are not included individually in another upsell.

Having two upsells with the same product OR category triggers will perform A/B testing, meaning that they will be shown equal times to different customers. When there are overlaps we will show them for your convenience so you can see at a glance which upsells are overlapping.

Enable Credit Card Payments with Mollie

Mollie is the most popular payment service provider in the Benelux area and a common choice between Checkout X merchants.

Mollie allows you to accept Credit Card payments from all around the world, local payment methods like iDeal, Sofort, Bancontact, Przelewy24 & Klarna.

Our Mollie CC integration allows you to load the credit card fields inside with an external payment page.

The Credit Card fields are loaded on a special Mollie Payment page, ensuring a secure connection between Mollie and the Customer. ( Checkout X doesn’t handle any card details ).

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    Samuel Phoenix

    Got usa number verified. highly recommended

    August 17, 2023
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    Hayden Henry

    Amazing Services for accounts. I buy Again more

    July 16, 2023
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    James Palme

    The work proceeded quickly and without any issues, and I was overall very satisfied with the service provided.

    May 29, 2023
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    Nathaniel Nicholas

    Great service. Thank you so much for the fast delivery. Highly recommended!

    April 23, 2023
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    Wayne T. Brown

    Thanks for your good quality Account I will order again.

    April 8, 2023
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    Myrick Deborah

    This is really good

    January 22, 2023
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    Tony G. James

    Wow! His delivery was lightning fast! He was easy to talk to and understood my request! I would definitely recommend it!

    May 10, 2022
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    Jeffrey Moran

    Wonderful services ! It is good 100% working

    November 7, 2021
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    Kevin Leo

    Order page no confusion. They use unique way to get payment

    October 16, 2021
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    Zohar Oscar

    Awesome features accounts

    October 8, 2021
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    Milton Anderson

    I purchased via paypal. Thanks admin

    October 2, 2020
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    Isaac Aadarsh

    Wow! His delivery was lightning-fast! He was easy to talk to and understood my request! I would definitely recommend it!

    June 22, 2020
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    Andy M. Sanders

    I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding product. Definitely worth the investment

    April 13, 2020
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